Dad Surprises His Dying Son By Putting On A Spider-Man Costume. This got everyone crying! You’ve got to see this!

In order to make his dying boy happy, a father puts on a Spider-Man costume and surprises him on his 5th birthday. 

It is every parents’ wish to make their children happy, especially on the day of their birthday. When a parent learns that his/her son is dying, this becomes not only a mantra, but an obligation.
This was what the father in the video felt. On a video uploaded on youtube by “Mike Wilson 3Run,” A father surprises his dying son on his birthday by wearing a Spider-Man costume.
Jayden Wilson is suffering from Stage 4 “Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM) brain stem tumor. He is aged 5 but his physicians told his parents that he only had less than a year to live.
The news of their son’s illness devastated his parents. But this did not stop them in making their son happy, and in making the most out of every minute that he is alive.
While Jayden was celebrating his 5th birthday, his parents came up with a plan to surprise him. Lou Wilson, Jayden’s mother, told him and his sisters that she heard something from outside. She then told them to come with her to check it out. When they got out, Jayden’s father suddenly jumped from the roof and surprised Jayden.

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Jayden was glad to see his idol. After the video became viral, his dad was later known as “SpiderDAD.” Jayden and his dad hugged tightly and proceeded to enter the house to continue on with the birthday celebration.
Photos of the incident were later on posted on the walls of Jayden’s room–along with posters of Spider-Man.
This is, indeed, a touching father-and-son story.
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