Baby Saved from Balcony Danger! Find Out the Grave Danger and the Incredible Way the Baby Was Saved!

Engineer parent? Doctor mother? Business analyst father? Don’t forsake your baby’s life for your jobs! Make time for them! You won’t know when something can happen. Much like the case of this baby. Good thing, the baby has been saved after dangling from a balcony in Singapore. 

There are brave men and women who sacrifice their life and limb in order to save the lives of others. They are not afraid to risk their lives just so they can be of help to others. The following story is a heroic tale of how a baby was saved from certain death after dangling from a balcony.

A 3-year old baby named Naurah Fitria Aun was seen dangling from the railings of a drying rack at a balcony of a two-floow apartment in Singapore on April 23 this year.

In a video footage, one can see how the baby was afraid and how the baby struggled just to maintain his grip. A woman who first saw the baby hyterically sought help. 
There were two men who tried climbing the second floor but to no avail. They could not scale the building. While more and more witnesses gathered and grew more frantic by the minute, a stranger went upstairs and knocked on the unit door just so he can enter and save the baby. However, no one answered the door.

Luckily, a foreign construction worker on the nearby road repairing ongoing at that time came to the baby’s rescue. The worker was later on identified as Subramaniam Shanmuganathan of Bangladesh. He claimed that he heard the baby’s cries and after hearing them, swiftl came to the baby’s rescue. 
A sudden rush of strength overcame his body as he managed to scale the building in order to reach the baby. When he reached the baby, he then gave the baby a push in order to allow it to breathe and turn his head.

Foreign Worker Job in Singapore Became Hero for a Day!

Ultimately, the baby was rescued and was sent to the hospital for treatment. The baby lives for another day, thanks to Subramaniam.

Here’s the dramatic save!

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