After Losing His Mother, This Toddler Was Found Alone Beside Her! How? Get Ready for Goosebumps! Creepy!

A boy was found alone beside his dead mom for three days. This creepy story may even haunt you in your sleep!

Perhaps one of the most testing times in one’s life is to suffer the agony of losing one’s mother. Mothers serve as our bastion of love, confidence, and hope especially in our most trying times. They serve as our rock, our foundation, whenever we encounter turbulent times in our life.

Lydia McDonald, 28, and her son Mason Martin, were reported to have been missing for quite some time. When their whereabouts could not be determined, their neighbors and loved ones began to worry. This prompted to seek the help of the emergency services of the nearby Lickley Court in Perth to investigate. 
The police proceeded to investigate. Upon arriving in the Mcdonald’s residence, police had to force open the door. When the door finally broke and opened, they were shocked at what they saw. 
Then 3-year old Mason was discovered beside the lifeless body of his mother. 
As of posting time, the investigation as to the cause of Lydia’s death were still ongoing. Initially, however, they have indicated in their records that the cause of death was “unexplainable.” Speculations suggested that the boy was trapped in the house with his dead mother but the authorities could not confirm it. 
Ron MacDonald, Lydia’s father, believed that it was an asthma attack that probably killed her. However, since the officers could not come up with a definitive finding, Macdonald’s claims remain a speculation also. 
Ron recalled how much her daughter loved and adored Mason as a son. 
Lydia was a full-time mother to her son. She attended the Balhousie Care Group and grew up in Dundee. She is an alumna of Blairgowrie High School. 
Mason, on the other hand, was taken for treatment at the local hospital as a precautionary measure. To everybody’s relief, his condition improved immensely. 
Since they are Mason’s next of Kin, Ron took care of Mason during his stay in the hospital. 
With his mother’s death, Mason is now an orphan. His father, Bobby Martin, died on December 2012 at the age of 26. 
The police are hopeful that the cause of Lydia’s death be determined with certainty as soon as possible. 

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