13 Year Old Depressed Girl, Jumps Over Highway Overpass after Public Shaming Video Released by Her Own Father

Engineering professionals differ with finance and banking associates in terms of disciplining their child. According to psychologists and medical experts – there are a lot of mechanisms when it comes to punishing kids when they do something wrong. However, there is a limit to it and parents should adhere to a strategy that would work and won’t be enough for their children to get scared for life. Well, not this time, for the parents of Izabel Laxamana – a pretty, young girl from Tacoma, Washington. Last May 29 – this 13-year-old took her life by jumping off the overpass in a highway. Why, you ask? Read on.

But the true reason why she took her life is something so disturbing – you wouldn’t believe it involves her father!

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Moments before Izabel threw herself off the Interstate 5 bridge, she may be thinking about the public shaming video her father, Jeff, posted for unknown reason.


Her father punished her for committing too much offenses. And he decided to upload  a video showing everyone that he cut her hair short, which seems like Iza – staring blankly as she replied to her father’s questions in a gentle manner.

‘Her dad  says, “The consequences of getting messed up? Man, you lost all that beautiful hair. Was it worth it?” The girl stares at her hair on the floor. She very quietly says, “No.” “How many times did I warn you?” She almost inaudibly says, “Twice.” He then says, “Okay.” as if he has proved a point. The video ends.’

Watch the original 15-second video filmed by her friend, after her father removed the public shaming clip days ago:

However, it still is not conclusive that the video posted affected Izabel’s state of mind to take her life. One of the angles being scrutinized is bullying in the school. The said clip could have also been uploaded by a family friend and not the father of the victim after the death of the girl so as to redirect the blame to the father. For more details, click here.
But the story remains – it has already trended online and various sites have published it. Even a Facebook page clamors for Justice for Izabel.
Tacoma Stories has this to say about public shaming:
Public shaming is a form of abuse. There are those who will say that it teaches a lesson. So does punching someone in the face. That doesn’t make it okay to do to your children. My thoughts are with this young girl. I hope that she gets the help she needs. I also hope her father gets the help he so clearly needs and that her family can heal from these traumatic events brought on by public shaming.
At Giaudrone Middle School, where Martinez went to, for her education, piles of flowers and stuffed animals, as well as chalk messages were left by her friends and some students to give her honor.

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