Better Not Judge a Moslem When You See One – This Girl Did Something Extremely Ordinary and Unifying, You Need to Find Out!

Engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers – whatever profession each one has. University, college, high school graduate? Whatever educational status one has. Rich or poor? It shouldn’t matter. A Moslem does something extraordinary that would change everybody’s perception about them and how they lead their lives.

Since the terrorist attack on the twin towers, along with other attacks perpetrated by radical moslims, non-Moslems’ perception of Moslems became somewhat, distorted–to the point that a lot of prejudice has been made against them. This is, of course, to the detriment of non-radical Moslems who have been living their lives peacefully.

Bad stereotypes have been made that are detrimental to the Moslem community, in general. This contributed further to the culture of hatred against Moslems worldwide.

Engineers may have failed miserably in this video, a man and a woman were stranded inside an elevator. The man already noticed that the woman was donning a traditional hijab dress. Having seen this, he felt uncomfortable considering that they were stranded inside.
The longer they were stranded, the more worried the man became. When the man felt thirsty, the Moslem woman shared with her a drink. When the lights dimmed, the glass suddenly fell on his leg, thus injuring him.
To his surprise, the woman took her turban off and helped the man tend to his wounds.

Watch the following video and see for yourself.

The moral of this video is never be carried away by appearances. There is more to looks than meets the eye. We should learn to discern not based on appearances, but based on what is on the inside–the heart.
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