10000 bowls of porridge ordered by a grandmother. For whom and for what reason will move you to tears!

A grandmother orders 10000 bowls of porridge for her grandson. The reason behind moved everyone to tears. A mother’s love is powerful and sublime. Its immense effect on children is beyond description.

There is a short film circulating online showcasing how dedicated a mother could be. However, in this video, the ones being showcased is a grandmother and her grandson. 
In the said short film, it showcases a grandmother’s conundrum of leaving her grandson to fend for himself. The grandson in the film is handicapped and had “special-needs.”

The grandmother is suffering from brain cancer in its fourth stage. She is worried that by the time she dies, there would be no one to take care of his grandson given his condition. 

She then sought the help of a relative of their but the said relative declined. 

With no one to resort to, the grandmother planned ahead and ordered 10000 bowls of porridge from her employer and asked her to condinue feeding her grandson so that he will be able to live despite her absence once she finally dies. 

This story showcases the lengths a mother is willing to take just for the love of her child/grandchild. 
This is a truly remarkable story.

Watch the video below!

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Source: Youtube

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