Doctors in Clinic Had to Remove 420 Stones from A Guy Who Loves To Eat Tofu!

Healthy diet is very essential. That is why a lot of active professionals like doctors, engineers and nurses have become accustomed to certain physical exercises and workouts to accompany their healthy diet habits. A lot of these health enthusiasts are vegetarians, actively finding replacements to satisfy their cravings for meat. That is how they find out about tofu… but this Chinese man would definitely scare some of these health buffs because of this story!

This Chinese man named Mr. He, went on a tofu-heavy diet. Being the fifty-five year old man that he is, he wanted to live a healthy lifestyle away from meat and he learned to like tofu. But it seemed like he loved it so much, it resulted to his 420 kidney stones!
Doctors from the Chinese hospital and clinic where his kidney stones were diagnosed found out he was eating tofu for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis. The problem is he isn’t drinking too much water, which lead to the formation of the kidney stones.
Because of this, the Chinese man had to endure two hours of operation for the removal of the kidney stones. The operation was performed at Zhejiang Province at a hospital in Dongyang.
According to the medical expert, Dr. Wei Yubin:

Soy products, especially gypsum tofu, are very high in calcium, the excess of which cannot be excreted from the body without a sufficient intake of water.

Mr. He complained of pains in his abdomen prior the diagnosis. It was on his CT scan that it was found out that the left kidney is full of stones! Good thing, he went to the experts right away, else, he would be left with only one kidney.
Amazing fact, though, the record high for most kidney stones found in one’s body is 172,155 as a doctor removed them in a three-hour operation in India in 2009. Wow!
SourceWe should learn a thing or two from this incident – let’s drink a lot of water and go to the doctor right away if we feel something’s wrong with our body! What do you think about this story? Does it inspire you to get fit and healthy?

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