Can’t Get Out of Bed in the Morning? Here’s the reason why, according to science!

If you have a job in a BPO company in Australia or New Zealand, or a job as a mechanical engineer or mining engineer in a prestigious company, you will surely be interested with this study about sleeping habits.
Scientists have long been bugged about the reason why there are people who prefer mornings than those who prefer nighttime. They have studied throughout the years if this kind of preference is biological or if it’s actually born out of habit.
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In the latest study conducted University of Leicester here, they found out that everything is genetic! Whether it is an engineering student’s biological behavior, his behavior in relation to stimulus and the preferences inherent to his lifestyle – all of these are deemed as genetic. Frontiers in Neurology recently published the study where scientists analyzed the genetic patterns of fruit flies. The human’s biological clock is similar to theirs and they found out that around 80 variants vitally corresponds to one’s sleeping and waking preferences.
The study also found out that there are genes that are not active at various times in a day, which doesn’t coincide with what they believed before. According to their research, those flies with genetic makeup that is active in the morning varies greatly from those that are active in the evening.
The researchers even concluded that given the findings they have, the common 9am to 5pm work structure might be inefficient for more people. While the study is too complex for simple nomads like me, here’s where you can read more if you’re really interested!

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