Always Taking Gym Selfies? – You May Have Psychological Problems, Study Says!

Healthy lifestyle and weight loss treatments have been very effective methods to ensure that you will be able to fend off diseases and stay fit and alive everyday. Scientists have found out that while these physical fitness exercises and dieting measures can heighten our immunity system, too much could also mean harm. But, this may not be the danger you’re expecting. It turns out psychologists and scientists have discovered there’s more to being fit, especially if you are fond of taking selfies!

In a recent study conducted at Brunel University, our friends who are fond of going to the gym and taking selfie-mad photos could have psychological problems. This is brought by the observation that people going at the gym these days tend to constantly brag their fitness and their accomplished – as fueled by their narcisism.
Psychologists say that narcissism at the extreme conditions could trigger a lot of bad habits – it is a condition where people gain pleasure admiring themselves too much. This may actually be the thing that triggers them to post their photos of their abs, guns and ribs all over your timeline. Well, according to the study, it is because they are aiming to boost their ego through your likes and shares.

Scientists and psychologists alike are convinced that narcissistic traits such as posting status updates about their exercise routine and diet are attempts to broadcast that they are doing their best and making their best attention so they can look good and for you to admire them as how they admire themselves. 
The study conducted was in relation to a survey which measured different personality traits such as neuroticism, agreeableness, extroversion, openness and conscientiousness. 
In the same study, Brunel University psychologists have also related people who tend to post about their relationships about the BF’s and GF’s are more likely to have psychological depression with their low self-esteem. Most of the time, people who are open and more conscientious tend to post about their family and friends – most especially their kids.

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